Our Mission

Sustaining children in crisis: Nourishing food & clean drinking water, basic medical & dental care, clothing, a safe space, sportsand education. Our mission is to sustain the Talibé (street children) in Senegal with nourishing and nurturing as the pillar of our vision. Every Kid Counts will assist street children to survive in dire situations by providing nutrition and care. Through our Mobile Education Project we are supplying a safe place and community for children to be free to be just children.


Tess Hunneybell

Tess Hunneybell is a therapist, an entrepreneur, and founder of many professional and social projects. She has travelled the world for over 40 years, gaining valuable knowledge, insight and skills which she uses to build companies and create social initiatives to inspire, engage and help people around the globe.

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Café JÀmme Xaleyi

Marieme Mbissine

Mariem is a professional African cook and pillar of our local community. She is an exceptional mother who opens her arms and heart to all the children who come to dine at our Café.

SpoRt’s coach & skills instructor

Aliou Welle 

Aliou is a sport’s coach specialising in the boy’s favorite game FOOTBALL ⚽️ He is also a sculptor and woodcarver from the famous artisan Welle family of Senegal. Aliou has been an Allie of the Talibés for 6 years and has built a trusting relationship with them. 

Multimedia specialist

Ryan Campogiani

Ryan is our web designer, video editor, and social media specialist. He enjoys making content to help the children. He has been with us for almost a year and wants to show the world through multimedia, what is happening at the heart of the cafe.