Tending to medical needs of the Talibés 



Before our help…

After our help…

Please note, to tell the children’s story, it is best to see it for yourself. This is why we need your help.

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In Dire Straights



6 months ago Abdul Karin aged 5 sustained 3rd degree petrol fire burns to 25% of his body covering his back and legs. For the first time he is being diagnosed by a dermatologist, being treated every 2 days and is finally taking pain meds. Due to donations we had the cash to take him directly to a private clinic and pay upfront for two months of specialist medical care, medication and medical supplies. The healing journey will take months with his ongoing clinic costs at £15 per day. We have been advised to purchase a mad to measure Pressure Suit to speed his muscle and nerve recovery. £85.

Plus, 2 more children are currently being treated for burns.

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 Children in Senegal are suffering daily in desperate need for immediate medical help that they just can not afford. The Talibé have no medical help for their religious schools and go untreated. The local medical center charges £5 for a visit PLUS the cost of all medical supplies used. 

There is a government clinic a taxi ride away that only charges £1 PLUS the cost of all medical supplies used. 

BUT their knowledge is limited and with taxis it ends up being the same price. 

Hotels, restaurants, shops & tourist homes all closed.

1 Day’s wages for hard labour on a building site £4

Bandage Roll £1.50

Antibiotic cream £6

Antiseptic £4

Pain killers x 10 £3

Dental filling £15

Dental Clean £12

Dental Extraction £18 

Fatou is 2 years old and has a 2nd degree burn on her arm. She is one of our children who comes for breakfast. She arrived with a dirty rag on the wound and is now being treated daily until it heals.

As part of my project I am teaching locals how to treat & dress wounds. In this picture Mame Cheikh, a shop owner in the market square is tending to Fatou. 


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One by one we are getting the Talibés dental care







Aliou was the first boy in the dentist chair. He didn’t cry👍🏿
Now all the boys trust our lovely dentist. We aim to clean and fill teeth before decay sets in and extraction is necessary.